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Mockiavelli in La La land
Lobster Bisque for the Gay Soul
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17th-Jan-2011 05:21 pm - Test
snarky tongue

Originally uploaded by rocket_la

29th-Mar-2010 03:39 pm - hey livejounal hey
what's new?
questioning dino

chuck is an intriguing video 'star' and entrepreneur i found via twitter. some of the stuff he posts are funny, mostly bizzare and at times like this, kinda sexy. enjoy, won't you?
3rd-Oct-2009 01:22 pm - 2012
snarky tongue
after watching the whole preview (which gave me nightmares), i've come to the conclusion that it's just like soaring over california , sans the orange smell

i'm sure that december 2012 is the date the mayans gave, but knowing my people, they're going to be late with that. it'll be like 2020 or so.

30th-Jun-2009 11:45 pm - Star Wars: Moonwalker
snarky tongue

Star Wars: Moonwalker
Originally uploaded by rocket_la
Luke Moonwalker :)

my friend, the talented Dave Lowe, made this after the daily what posted their 'June Gloom' homage thedw.us/post/132276303/rip-via

you can find dave's work over at www.paraabnormalthecomic.com/
ms oprah

dear sweet jeebus. this is probably one of the most depressing things i've seen in awhile. ignorance will be our downfall...
snarky tongue

look, no one should resort to hitting. but....seeing that i have somewhat of a working history with the d-bag in pink, sometimes you're gonna get bitch slapped for opening your vadge. (and yes i know bitch slapping piggez is redundant)

4th-Jun-2009 11:34 am - o hai, irish guy
kitty meow

totes adorbs (more of him here) And in related news, it's actually a nice concept. americans would never do it. they're too busy complaining.
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