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Mockiavelli in La La land

Lobster Bisque for the Gay Soul

28 June 1969
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Howdy! I hate filling these things out, only cause it makes it seem even MORE narcissistic than it already seems. (I mean, it’s your effing blog for ganesha’s sake). But moi in a nutshell:
Born in the Philippines, raised in Texas (San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso), moved to San Diego in ’87. Been in LA for the last 5 years, currently residing in the Hollywood/Los Feliz metroplex (Thai Town represent!).

Interested in cool dudes (to date) and dudettes (to style and perhaps father superior children) that are funny, smart, hilarious, evil, smart and smart. I really like smart people. Don’t be a stranger.

i'm comfortable in my own skin and in my surroundings; i don't adhere to those constraints set upon by the communities in the gayborhood. we're all gay; we shouldn't limit where we should go just cause johnny fag is a little muscular and has an a&f look don't mean i can't dance next to him...or vice versa.